The Ballerina by Ross Kirton

See below for the stunning images from Ross Kirton’s latest project capturing the beauty of the controlled movements and shapes made by ballerina Emilie Fouilloux.

Ross says

On seeing my friend Emilie, dance with Teatro a la Scala company in
Milan, I just had to photograph her. The fluid way in which she feels
and communicates emotion through dance was too enchanting to miss out
on. My aim was to create images that I think really capture the dancers passion
and challenge of expression through movement inside this most
demanding discipline. I wanted to focus my attentions for now
on an inward conversation a dancer goes through, pushing out emotive
nuances through their whole body and out into the world, perfecting
and repeating the movements searching for the ulitimate moment and
perfect balance, relaxed and fluid whilst fully controlled and deliberate.

© Ross Kirton

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