Superheroes – Peter Tangen

Peter Tangen’s close relationship with the Real Life Super Hero Project is something we posted about last year, however with the launch of the “Superheroes” movie and Peter’s involvement with it, as well as the release of several new posters, including the artwork for the movie launch, we thought it time for a recap.

“Superhereos” is a documentary movie by Michael Barnett, which premiered at last week’s Slamdance Utah’s independent film festival, due to Peters close involvement with the Real Life Super Hero network, he took on the role of consulting producer as well as creating the artwork for the film (see below).

To learn more about “Superheroes” check out the “official website”, see exclusive clips at and or read the interview with Micahel Barnett and producer Theodore James, from Utah’s Park Record.

The Real life Super Hero Project (see previous post) has also launched more of Peter Tangen’s Hero poster designs, see below for Master Legend, Ragensi, Death’s Head Moth and Z, you can view all the images Peter has produced for the project here.

Finally check out Peter Tangen’s commercial portfolio here, including his new artwork for the upcoming Thor movie

© Peter Tangen/Superheroes/The Real Life Super Hero Project

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