Project Magazine, ft. Stephen Colbert, a naked woman and a vacuum cleaner – F. Scott Schafer

F. Scott Schafer shoots Stephen Colbert as Richard Branson for Project Magazine.

Project is a digital magazine designed for iPad and was launched in Dec 2010 as the worlds first truly digital magazine, it is produced by Seven Publishing and Virgin Digital Publishing.

In issue 3, Stephen Colbert was interviewed by Virgin owner Richard Branson and was so influenced by the multi-millionaire business tycoon that he decided to channel him in the following images and film by F.Scott Schafer, in what was described as “the weirdest photoshoot ever”, you can see Stephen’s reaction to the shoot here.

Photographer/Director – F.Scott Schafer
Stylist – Mimi Fisher
Hair – Jodi Mancuso
Make Up- Josh Turi
Model – Valerie Tymoczko
Hair & Makup for model – Deborah Altizio
Set Design – Ian Savage @ WARS

© F.Scott Schafer

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